The Trichoscope is your best friend when it comes to examining your plants.

This 30 times magnifier with clear white LED light is used to determine the perfect harvesting moment and to discover small insects on your plants. Magnifying 30 times enables the user to clearly see trichomes and insects like thrips or mites on the plant.

What is the proper way to use a magnifier?

The correct use of a magnifier might seem easy, but not everyone seems to be able to get the most out of their Trichoscope. To use the Trichoscope, one must first extend the loupe to expose it. The available light in the room will dictate if you need the LED light to shine. Extend the loupe to the maximum to switch the LED light on. Next, hold the lens close to your eye and either move the object to the lens, or move your head and the lens in the same position towards the object.

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About Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom is constantly trying to bring professional equipment used in laboratories and greenhouses to the consumer market.

He does this, because he believes that measuring and analyzing the environment benefits the outcome of plant growth processes. According to Dr. Tom it is of upmost importance to check your plants for pests and insects regularly. One can use the Trichoscope to do this.

The perfect harvesting time can also be determined with the use of the Trichoscope. Just take a look at the resin glands on the plant tissue to get an idea of the maturity of the plant.

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